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apartment412's Journal

Apartment 412
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First there was Apartment 404. It was quickly followed by Apartment 405, Apartment 406, and Apartment 3.1415. The next logical step would have been to move into Apartment 407. However, upon further reflection, it was decided that it would be better for public noise levels if this lot moved into the suite at the end of the hall instead...

We are here. We are legion. Supporting kinky Gondorians, ineffective gods, angsty elves, mouthy jewelry, a Rohirrim or two, and much more...we are Apartment 412.

PS: And, uh, Apartment 413 too. Hopefully no one will notice that wall we knocked out...

Current Tenants: cocoajava ~ ramlatch
jewelweed ~ mainecoon ~ _redpanda_
superforeigner ~ terminal_frost
Current Sofa-Hogging Freeloaders: ahli