Haldir (haldiroflorien) wrote in apartment412,

Ravenna: She's um.... she seems to be looking for something. Probably my Gorlim. Rue's run into her, too. Apparently she's VERY VERY NOISY AND HARD TO GET RID OF.
Ramlatch: Huh. Not really for me o.o She settled down, angsted about when she lost their baby, reminisced about when they were first courting and then went off to have some tea or something and hasn't come back.
Ravenna: @_@
Ravenna: Rue's seen her too. She appears to be touring. e.e
Gorlim: .....what?
Ramlatch: Maybe she's just looking for a place to settle down?
Ravenna: *tries to shove that puppet back into his box* @_@
Gorlim: *THWAP* No. What?
Ravenna: It's embarrassing though that Haldir keeps poking me just to watch me squirm going on about how maybe -I'm- Eilinel because I'm so comfortable with Gorlim. @_@
Gorlim: *eyes you*
Gorlim: Where's the Elf?
Gorlim: *impatient* Elf. Here. Now.
Ramlatch: I dunno. Probably still hanging out with Maglor, it's Hare & Hounds night, Arhuaine's off at the place singing and all my quendi seem to like to go there with hers to enjoy the music.
Gorlim: *crosses his arms and gets into the WAITING pose* I can stay here.
Haldir: You know it's very tempting to just not show up at all if you're going to demand me to show up.
Gorlim: *TACKLES, wrestles, pins*
Haldir: !!! .... yeeees?
Gorlim: *looks kinda pissed off*
Gorlim: She was no Elf, maybe, but she was more than any of us will ever be. You'll not mention her name again. EVER.
Haldir: *glares* I have not made light of her name.
Gorlim: That's what your girl said you did!
Haldir: She's not-- ... I've wondered where she went, who knows. So has She. *shoves Gorlim off* Nevermind.
Gorlim: *topples off without a fight and sits there glaring sulkily*
Haldir: *glares sulkily back*
Gorlim: *pouts cutely* Stoppit. I'm sorry.
Haldir: *still sulking* For what?
Gorlim: *mumbles* bein' mad at you.
Haldir: *grumps* Trying to order me around, gets you nowhere. *the only kind of acceptance of it he's up for saying*
Gorlim: Hey, you'd be upset too if you thought someone was badmouthing someone you'd lost a few thousand years ago.
Haldir: ... I'm not like that.
Gorlim: *quietly* I know. *sits by the wall and curls hs knees up to his chest* Sorry.
Haldir: What's wrong now?
Gorlim: NOTHING. I'm just sitting, okay??
Haldir: *sniffs* *very catlike goes to sulk in a tree*
Gorlim: *POUTS* *follows*
Haldir: <.< *ignores*
Gorlim: >:| *lurk*
Haldir: *still sulking damnit*
Gorlim: Don't ignore me. >:|
Haldir: I think it's a perfectly appropriate thing to do when sulking >:|
Gorlim: It is NOT. *huggles*
Haldir: ... *sulks*
Gorlim: *whimpers allpuppylike and SHNOOGLES*
Haldir: *squirms* Ewww. Don't drool on me. *tries very hard to not snickerlaugh*
Gorlim: *whiiiine*
Haldir: Nngh?
Gorlim: *pet pet pet*
Haldir: *eyeballs*
Gorlim: *sigh* *kisses gently*
Haldir: .... *melts* *kisses back*
Gorlim: *smiles* Better?
Haldir: You cheated. *grumble* *kisses again*
Gorlim: I do that. *tongues*
Haldir: !! *tongue wrestle* Somewhere where the children can't watch?
Gorlim: *tugs Haldir down out of the tree and curls up with him under it, snuggles warm shiny Elf*
Haldir: *feels silly being jealous of a memory*
Gorlim: Hmm? *feels his discomfort* What's wrong?
Haldir: I'm jealous. *strokes gorlim's hair like petting a cat*
Gorlim: Of what?
Haldir: ... Eilinel, I think.
Gorlim: *ghost of a smile* I'm flattered. *leans against him* But she's gone, Haldir. She's been gone for a long, long time. *wraps his arms around the Elf and holds him near*
Haldir: *faint kiss on Gorlim's cheek*
Gorlim: *mumbles* Thought you were gone, too.
Haldir: *quiet* No. I'm never gone. I'm always the one left behind to remember.
Gorlim: *whispers* Me too. *hugs him close* Me too.
Gorlim: *threads his arms around the Elf's shoulders and rubs his back, nuzzles, purrs softly, sympathetically*
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