Haldir (haldiroflorien) wrote in apartment412,

Mun didn't know where to put this.

Haldir: *worries about how Faramir will respond and goes to puke in the bathrooms again*

Gorlim: *peeks out from behind the shower curtains* Do you MIND? I am TRYING to have a cup of tea back here with my chickens!

Haldir: *dry heaves*

Gorlim: *siiiigh* *makes sure the chickens are contained and hops out to rub Haldir's back* Hey. You okay?

Haldir: *gives him universal rude gesture from behind* No. *clings to toilet bowl*

Gorlim: .....All right, I deserved that. *keeps rubbing his back* Do you need a healer?

Haldir: *pauses, waiting for some thing else to come up* Nothing they can fix. Water? *throat hurts from the acid*

Gorlim: *nods and gets him some* Can I make you some tea maybe? Ginger, to settle your stomach?

Haldir: *shudders* Chamomile. *feels vaguely pansy'ish saying that*

Gorlim: *nods, sees nothing pansyish about the name of an herb, and goes to make some*

Gorlim: *comes back and crouches by Haldir, offering a mug of chamomile tea*

Haldir: *just worships porcelain god for a bit more, then decides nothing else will come up...yet, and takes a careful sip of tea*

Gorlim: *sits on the rim of the bathtub and watches him*

Gorlim: So what's got you buggered, anyway, Elf?

Haldir: *pauses* *quickly sets cup down and leans over 'throne' waiting for tea to come up, but it doesn't just yet* *moves back* What if he doesn't want me back. *bleary eyed*

Gorlim: Then you'll move on, or you'll fade from angst, or you'll kick him in the nuts and make vague threats until he DOES want you back.

Haldir: *mutter* Kicking him in the nuts might work. But Ramlatch said violence doesn't help when you are hitting someone you love...? Something about how you don't hit those you love. *shrugs* I told Faramir I'd break his nose if he ever thought with his dick again, I meant it, but she said it wasn't nice of me. Was it?

Gorlim: I think most men who think with their dicks deserve to have more than just their noses broken, and that goes double for me.

Haldir: *slightly cracked laugh*

Gorlim: Drink that tea, you need it. Actually you kind of sound like you need booze. I can add some to that tea if you'd like?

Haldir: Please.

Haldir: *dumps half the tea in the toilet and holds out cup*

Gorlim: I hoped you might agree to it. *takes out a flask and fills the rest of the teacup*

Haldir: Mm. *gulps a bit of it* ... Dorwinion?

Gorlim: You've a sharp tongue, indeed! *swigs* Sure is.

Haldir: Good. Probably the only thing that gets me drunk. *follows suite and takes a long drink*

Gorlim: *grins* Works on the chickens, too.

Haldir: *eyebrow raise*

Gorlim: *pulls the shower curtain aside to show a small table and chair set, upon which he has managed to perch some very stoned-looking chickens* See?

Haldir: .... *pauses* .... .... *finishes cup and silently holds it out for a refill*

Gorlim: *refills it* See, you know how... well maybe you don't know, but there's a market in the lower tier and most of their trading is done with a barter system. I'm trying to get these lovelies to make me some eggs. *wink*

Haldir: *drinks more* *gets glassy look* For what?

Gorlim: Er... well... cloth dye, actually.

Haldir: Cloth dye? Whatever for?

Gorlim: I want to make a cover for my harp and rebec. And then... I ought to have some left... I'm going to make some decent clothing for Dred.

Haldir: *just nods and finishes cup*

Haldir: *looks a little green*

Gorlim: *pats him on the head* Just spare the boots, foresty-dude.

Haldir: *gives him universal gesture again* *tries not to heave up the good mind numbing alcohol*

Gorlim: Don't you Elves have some kind of cure for that?

Haldir: Not on me.

Haldir: ... *kind of wants chocolate*


Gorlim: Why not you?

Haldir: Why not on me? *shrug*

Haldir: *leans against wall and holds very still to prevent vertigo*

Gorlim: You wanna go pass out for a while maybe?

Haldir: Need more booze.

Haldir: *thinks about Faramir and what he might do* *abruptly turns green and pukes into the toilet again* *is actually very clean/tidy about it, coz he is an elfie*

Gorlim: *siiiigh*

Haldir: *looks a little off* *starts stripping and sheds clothes like a trail, tripping ungracefully on a boot and getting into nearbye shower stall and turning it on* *forgets about shower curtain*

Gorlim: *sighs again* *takes his boots off, ignores the remainder of his clothing, hops in the shower, shoos the chickens out, and quietly washes the Elf off*

Haldir: *closes eyes, puts face under shower and stays still*

Gorlim: *washes him off, all of him, including his long hair -- a bit awkwardly, being unused to washing long hair*
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