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An impossible conversation...

Halfwest: the un-Gorlim effect. Wasn't a pansy, is re-pansying.

CJ: Heh. Yes! Sorta that! *pats gorlim, kidnaps him again*

Gorlim: *clings* I like you. You don't torture me and make me hide under rocks.

Faramir: I don't know if I've told you directly, Gorlim, but I love you. NOT THAT WAY, but I do. I would never torture someone so special to me.

Gorlim: o.o
Gorlim: I follow that which I love, my lord. Which is why I'm in a damn cave in a place that doesn't exist in Halbarad's brain. *sighs but smiles*

Faramir: *smile and peels you another avocado* Eat. Rest. Halbarad can wait.

Gorlim: *takes the avacado and plays with it contentedly* Thank you, my lord...

FaramirOfNowhere: If you plant the seed, you could grow your own tree. Not quite the White Tree, but it could be your own.

Gorlim: o.o *pockets the seed*

FaramirOfOblivion: It will grow. I’m sure of it.

Gorlim: *grins at him* I'll put the gold and silver in it and braid the branches around them so they're inside the tree.

FaramirOfGoneByeBye: *breaks down and cries*

Gorlim: ....My lord? *puts a hand on his shoulder* Faramir....? I'm sorry......

FaramirThatWas: I am fine. Don't apologize. You always remind me of the small amount of good I left behind.

Gorlim: It isn't small. Not a bit. It's all the good in the world to me. All there is, sometimes.

FaramirWentThataWay: I meant you, you know. And I was wrong, you are not small.

Gorlim: ME?

FaramirOverTheRainbow: Of course I mean you. Other than Haldir, you were the light of Minas Tirith. And you do not know this. Therefore, I must tell you, you oblivious fool! *smiles*

Gorlim: *smiles, confused* But... but... what about... Eomer, and Luthien, and... well... everybody else, actually... All I ever did was wander around and sit on people's feet and pretend to be useful...
Gorlim: *thoughtfully* I think I really did sit on your feet once. You were asleep, but.

FaramirOfFillInTheBlankIAmOutOfNames: They are wonderful folk, to be sure. But... they were not dreamers, they had not the soul of the calibre of yours. Eomer is a good man, but he has a head thicker than the third tier retaining wall of Tirith. Luthien is a sweetheart, but is lost in her confusion about love. You alone realize the power of wishes and dreams among them.

Gorlim: *fidgets* I... guess I just come from a different place than them. .....Anyway, who else will do it without you there?

FaramirOfWhatever: It is up to you now.

Gorlim: *quietly* It made more sense with you there.

FaramirInLaLaLand: You make sense. To me. Just be yourself, and see what happens. I have faith in you.
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