Lori (cocoajava) wrote in apartment412,

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<- Icon Is Quite Fitting, I'd Laugh If I Could.

*Having just jumped from a window in search of Eomer... limping around what appears to be the grounds behind the Steward's Quarters, cursing myself and actually seeking out a known psycopathic puppet. Damn. I did pay my medical insurance before I left, didn't I?*

Eomer! Hey, puppet! Unarmed mun here! Only 5'3", pretty wimpy upper arm strength, I probably couldn't even wield a stick if I found one on the ground... *looks around quickly, not a stick in sight*

Eomer? Come yell at me, please? Scream and curse and hit and bruise and forgive me, please?

((can't lock this in a community journal to Eomer only... so it's open to view. If there's a better way, and IF Eomer is bloodthirsty enough to have at me, lemme know? Otherwise, have at it.))
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